Welcome to Apsheronsk district

Having discovered the Apsheronsk District, I am sure that you will discover one of the most picturesque corners of Kuban, the so called a "pearl" of Kuban. Even if you are a full of impressions person, the uniqueness of our district will not leave you indifferent.

The Apsheronsk District includes alpine meadows of the Lagonakskoye Highlands, which are green even in late autumn, broad-leaved and coniferous forests and relict groves, in which oak, hornbeam, chestnut, Caucasian fir, yew and boxwood grow. It is enough to look at the map, and you will see that more than 80% of the area is covered by forests. The forests of the Apsheronsk District are a raw material base for the logging and woodworking industry and harbor a multitude of riches. The Apsheronsk Forest Division remains one of the largest forest divisions by the territory and volumes of forest use in the entire North Caucasus.

Thus, unique natural conditions create the prospect of development, first of all, of the health resort and tourist complex, timber and woodworking industry and manufacturing building materials in the district.

Mezmay, the Guam gorge, the Big Azish Cave, the Lagonaki Highland are widely known to Russian tourists. Comfortable hotels and tourist complexes are being constructed for the reception of guests. There are health resorts with a unique composition of sodium chloride and iodine-bromine water in the district.

Our district is glorious not only with natural riches, but also with peopleТs deeds. Being hardworking and lovers of their land, the Apsheronians are always glad to have guests and ready to show them all the most interesting sightseeing attractions.

The products of the Apsheronsk DistrictТs enterprises are known both in Kuban and far beyond its borders. Serious investors participate in major economic projects developed by local authorities and entrepreneurs.

We support now, and we will support in the future the investment projects that are being implemented in our district currently, and we will be sincerely glad to cooperate with all who come to us with constructive intentions and business proposals. The AdministrationТs staff is ready to provide all possible assistance to potential investors in all matters, starting with signing and developing a passport of an investment project and completing with the commissioning of a new facility.

Head of the Administration of the Municipal Formation Apsheronsk District
Bolshakova Svetlana Victorovna