Social and Economic Situation in municipal formation

9 large and medium-sized industrial businesses operate in the Apsheronsk District Municipal Formation.

In 2017, the industrial enterprises produced goods in the amount of 1,542.4 million rubles, and the growth rate compared to the same period was 129.9%.

Confectionary business had shown an increase Ц 121.7% by 2016 due to the enlargement of product range and higher output, opening of new points of sale, mini-bakeries to produce bread, baked goods and confectionery.

104 farm companies and 11,500 private subsidiary farms are registered in the Apsheronsk District. There are no large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises. 1,100 greenhouses with the total area of 69,500 sq. m. are built in the Apsheronsk District.

The administration is considering some new investment projects according to the approved general plans of urban and rural settlements of the Apsheronsk District in respect of the land categories, new land plots are given to implement the developed agricultural projects.

In 2017, 21.216 thousand sq. m. of residential houses were commissioned that amounted to 180.6% as compared to the level of 2016 (12.356 thousand sq. m. of residential houses), 33 km of roads and pavements were repaired to the sum of 35,734.4 million rubles, 10.6 km of water supply lines were repaired.

The construction of the high-pressure gas pipeline between Khadyzhensk City and Kabardinskaya Cossack village was started in 2017 funded from the regional and district budgets to the sum of 2,630.6 thousand rubles.

The amount of services rendered by transport organizations was 205.7 million rubles, which was 119.3% in current prices as compared to the previous year.

The passenger turnover in the road transport of public carrier companies amounted to 81,500 thousand passenger-kilometers (163.1% compared to 2016), the number of passengers reached 4,424.8 thousand people (106.0%). The growth in demand for the public transport depended on the increase in tourist flow.

A medium-sized carrier JSC Khadyzhenskoye Public Transport Enterprise providing long-haul bus services, as well as small companies and self-employed persons operate in the Apsheronsk District municipal formation.

The existing route network consists of 16 intracity and 16 suburban regular routes with the total length ob 489.6 km. 72 buses work on the lines every day.

Consumer goods sector is still one of the leading industries of the district by its level of development and it includes:

  • 652 retail stores
  • 55 catering organizations
  • 212 consumer service enterprises
  • 2 common fairs, 5 wholesale companies
  • 13 filling stations

In 2017, 8 new shopping centers with the area of 2,172 sq.m. and the number of employees of more than 80 people were commissioned.

The investment prospects of the Apsheronsk District stimulates further development of large retail networks of federal, regional and local significance.

Among the federal networks, CJSC Tander with its retail network Magnit is keeping the leading position with 11 of its stores in the district, and its network partner Pyatyorochka is actively developing.

The retail network of local manufacturersТ stores of the processing industry is developing successfully: 6 retail stores of Vyselki Agrocomplex, one of them has been opened in the rural area.

Over 400 people are working in the field of consumer services. This sphere is developing mostly due to small businesses.

Consumer services are provided in all settlements of the Apsheronsk District and the reach level is 62% compared to 79% on the average in the region.

Health and recreational and touristic complex of the Apsheronsk District providing temporary accommodation consists of 39 enterprises. The total capacity of these companies is 2,036 people. The occupancy rate of the working facilities was 19.1% as of January 1, 2018. The number of visitors amounted to 75,616 (118.5% compared to 2016) as of January 1, 2018, 53,936 of them were organized tourists (118.6%). This trend was due to favorable weather conditions.

The size of services in large and medium-sized enterprises of health and touristic complex was 42.3 million rubles, which amounted to 83.5% by 2016.

About 412.1 thousand of tourists visited the district in 2017.

Today, 8 touristic attractions are located in the district, and about 38 thousand of people visit them every year.

In 2017, the health camp for children Svetlyachok opened in the district.

Touristic routes through the mountains to the Black Sea and military historic routes are popular both among the local residents and tourists.

Besides its attractions, the district also has a developed health and recreational complex. Here the Health Resort Mineralny LLC is operating with its balneary using the local iodine-bromine mineral water from Khadyzhensk City, being a reference among iodine-bromine mineral waters in Russia. In 2017, 1,962 people got their treatment in the health resort.

8 companies of the Apsheronsk District are involved in different stages of bankruptcy proceedings. The companies have assets pledged to banks. The notifications of the coming tenders for the assets are published in the media.

The average salary in the activities in question grew by 5.4% compared to 2016 and amounted to 24,011.6 rubles, including:

  • In the agriculture and forestry Ц 20,908.6 rubles with the growth rate of 103.5%
  • In the processing companies Ц 21,833.2 rubles with the growth rate of 102.5%
  • In providing electricity, gas and steam Ц 23,044.9 rubles with the growth rate of 105.8%
  • In water supply and water disposal Ц 15,665.1 rubles with the growth rate of 101.7%
  • In wholesale and retail sales Ц 19,827.8 rubles with the growth rate of 113.8%
  • In transport Ц 43,897.2 rubles with the growth rate of 106.3%
  • In hotel and catering business Ц 14,031.4 rubles with the growth rate of 104.0%
  • In IT and communication Ц 39,670.2 rubles with the growth rate of 101.3%